Today I had a early A.M. visitor. I heard a knock at the door, it was a tap-tap to be exact. Now, for insight to the general public, you just don’t open your prison door to any tap-tap until you look out the tiny window to see who it is first. There he was standing with paintbrush in hand smiling ready to work. Tommy Two Guns is the institutions handy dandy painter, we go way back. He’s an all around good guy to have on your side, even for a silly favor as this one I’m about to tell you.

I’ve been scared of spiders forever. I grew up in a house where they mass produced wolf spiders under the floor or in the walls. Yeah, the ones that run around at lightning speed, jump and hiss and sometimes tie you up at night, then beat you with a pillowcase with bars of soap in it. These evil wolf spiders not only terrorized me, they attacked the Fraggel Rock community repeatedly until them little dudes moved away. I loved Fraggle Rock as a kid, I can still sing their theme song.

Tommy Two Guns laughter woke my neighbor up while expressing my favor of him. I moved into a different cell last month, I now have the best view of the sunset, its much more quiet too. I cleaned the hell out of my new cell, however this prison cell has a ton of paint chips up the walls and ceiling, plus a tiny hole under my bunk. These imperfections cause my eyes to dart to them, thinking they must be spiders! No exaggerations, I’ve had many of these tiny unwelcomed executioners visit me.

Tommy Two Guns painted and puttied while giggling to his hearts content. I still wake up every morning and scan the room. Look, if spiders would just verbally announce themselves I could possibly coexist with them (but not the wolf ones).

Abundantly Loving with Arms Open,
Marshall Byers