To stand for something better        By Christopher Havens

I believe that the prisons are essentially bad neighborhoods. To have a good neighborhood, where we can live in peace, we must stop with the facade of the convict code. This, I believe is a central contributor to the convict mentality, and thus, the cause of the bulk of bad living in prisons. Enjoy, The Convict Code.

In Prisons across the United States, there are two general types of prisoners. The convict, and the inmate. The convict lives by a code of sorts where a set of unspoken rules defines their daily life. The inmate is generally defined as such by not knowing those rules.
To the convict: Your code has raped and murdered the meaning of respect. You have ostracized the decent folk who look odd and have peculiar personalities, by deeming them “Weirdo’s” and now all of your little sycophants have jumped to follow suit. Lemmings. You have created the atmosphere that separates incarceration from rehabilitation. Usually, one by one, you’re palatable, but as your numbers grow, your viewpoint changes to match that of the whole group.
He who lives by some convict code.. some creed, is obviously not able to make his own choices as to what’s right and wrong. You, the convict, are everything I stand against. The convict code… you do realize that this is the a “code of conduct”… a “way to live” .. …thought up by a bunch of guys who can’t make good decisions!??
Anyone who feels that the respectful thing to do when using the facilities is to flush 600 times just to drop a quick deuce is not who I will be modeling my behaviors from. How respectful is for the guys on both sides of you, above and below, who have to listen to your toilet flushing for the next half an hour?? And look dude, it’s very wasteful. STOP IT.
Lemme ask you something.. Am I the only one here who thinks it’s weird that a single word to the convict has such power, that should he be called that word, well then he is obligated to react in a violent way. You can call me what you want.. because first of all, I can decide if it was meant in play or otherwise. Now IF it was meant as an insult, then I’m an adult, I’ll go associate with somebody who enjoys my company. That simple. You see, the convict code provides a social expectation to handle the situation in a violent way, otherwise you’re a “punk”… woooo. bad word. need to react. And that’s fine if you’re a lemming. That sits wrong with me for several reasons. First, a word is a word. And I’m not a monkey who has to fight ever time another monkey sticks his chest out to me. Secondly, and more fundamentally, if a guy calls me a punk or a bitch, or wants to fight me, then there are real good chances that I don’t like the guy in the first place. Now pay close attention, because here’s the kicker. (slowly) Why would I go to the hole… … … for somebody I don’t like? (point to your head)
If you’re looking for the recipe for institutionalization, then you’ll find it in the convict code. That us/them attitude is perfect if you’re trying to cultivate the negative stigma that society already has on us. So for any of you who identify as being a convict, …nobody’s perfect. We still like you. But realize that we respect people who can live by their own good judgment, and not some code of falsity set forth by a bunch of idiots. You’re an individual, not a lemming. Act like it. It’s time we grew up, and started making decisions that aren’t made for us by people who spend their time trying to become better criminals. You’ve made it this far. Baby steps right?
In conclusion, there are changes in the air. WE! The do-ers and free thinkers of this institution, are bringing down the convict code. You can stand with us or you can stand against us, but know this!! It’s inevitable. It’s already begun. You can’t stop it. It’s a new world, and if you want any chance of making it out there, I invite you… walk with us. For there is no more room for the convict. You are going extinct. Gentlemen, you all need to see something.. Please.. everyone who rejects the convict code, raise your hands up high. all of you. Now… this next part is important. Those of you who are actively working to abolish the convict code, stand up. … … … Men, is there any wonder that these are the leaders in their respective communities throughout the prison? The do-ers and freethinkers. Give them a round of applause!! ………… please stay standing.
Today we recognize a paradigm shift. Today we dump a bucket of water on an otherwise dry plot of land. WE ARE THE SEEDS!!! And we invite you!