The strength of more than that of mere men who cannot face life from their own reality, their own identities. They are weak minded, feeble of heart.

Those that can stand in the face of adversity and live life as the true selves that they were created as, now that takes strength, perhaps even supernatural strength, and for this, my dears, Ye are the Gods of the world.

Those that hate are weak
The intolerant, weak
The unforgiving, weak
The unchanging, weak
Those whom are set in their ways like stone, weak
Those that remain in the past, weak
Those that continue to fight their last battle, weak

You who move forward in new progressions, in new times and remain present today, smiling each day anew. Gods.

Do you not know, you are Gods.

Label what you want, but never forget our undeniable strength and it is us who are the future.

Bigotry is the past and it always fades.

With Love
Ruth Utnage

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