Have you ever had a gut feeling and ignored it? Just to kick yourself in the butt later because you were right? Maybe couldn’t put your finger on it but something inside of you was sounding a warning alarm loud and clear.

I’ve ignored that little siren to many times to not listen to it now. I could give example after example but I will spare you the drama. 

But I do want to encourage you to stop and pay attention to yourself when that little nondescript voice starts telling you to be cautious. I don’t know how our brains do it, maybe we pick up non verbal cues around us subconsciously, maybe its a guardian angel…who knows. But stopping to evaluate your situation won’t hurt you a bit. In fact, it will probably stop you from making a mistake.

I recently switched jobs because of such a feeling. I couldn’t put my finger on it but I felt uncomfortable, no reasonable explanation why. But I can tell you I’ve been waiting for the right job to come along and it came just in time. Now that I’ve switched officially I feel like a burden has been lifted off of my chest. Suddenly it feels like I’ve just ran a marathon and it just ended. This tells me I’ve done the right thing because there is this sense of “its finally over”. whatever that is.
Our bodies are peculiar things, listen to them.

With Love
Jeff Utnage