Inmates becoming successful after release is a fairly rare occurrence, at least from those of us with long sentences. Usually someone gets out and the focus is on staying out of prison and adjusting to society once more. Some do, some do not.

Some folks are okay with simply getting out and not re offending. I am not one of those people. I do not think it is enough to simply not hurt anyone again, that is not keeping our communities safe. I fully believe that it is my civic duty to impact society in a larger way positively than I did negatively. Prison is where I am supposed to be corrected, society is where I prove that occurred.

I want to be the example our politicians can look at and say “how do we produce more of this?” To be honest, I want you to say that as well. So, I will always aim to conduct myself extraordinarily, to positively impact our community as a whole. I do not want people to be ashamed, angry, or to feel unsafe that I am their neighbor. Instead, I want people to be proud I am in their community, to know with confidence that rehabilitation is possible and that together we can make our communities safe again. I believe this is possible.

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