It has been so long since I have seen true justice from a legal standpoint. I have seen too many cases where a persons circumstances are not even considered. Then I have seen those that manipulate every system possible and when they get caught they manipulate their way out of it. Screaming unfairness and inequality when it suits them.

I have often wondered if it is fair that all should get fair treatment of the system, even for those who are obviously abusing it. Just an example, finding a loophole in a law or a technicality and getting away with a crime, even though the court knows you are guilty. That kind of thing is what I mean.

I just see injustice so often, both from those who enforce the rules and from those who should be following them. When you have someone who is regularly manipulating the system and it is blatant, should the same rules apply for punishment? I have to say that even though I am a part of this broken system of vengeance, I still see the broken being able to stay broken through “technicalities”. It is frustrating.

Just a thought or two…

With Love
Jeff Utnage