I’ve discovered that I strongly dislike when men comment on my makeup. When a friend says to me “oh, that looks good today, cute”, he is obviously coming from a warm place but I am not receiving it that way, it actually makes me feel like I don’t want to be around them. I cannot explain why though.

It is always interesting to me when I feel feelings that seem to come from nowhere. Like the sudden urge to hug people. Since I’ve been on my hormones I am constantly fighting the urge to hug my friends and even those that seem to be hurting, though I may not know them well. I don’t hug them because my instinct is still to put my arm up as a barrier between me and whoever is initiating the contact…it is very awkward and embarrassing for me. I cannot explain why I do that, I just do. Other than I feel trapped by hugs when I don’t initiate them, lately I am seeing them as a source of comforting which puts me at mental odds.

I don’t know if these things make me odd. Truthfully, I don’t care because as a person I have the right to draw boundaries whenever I choose to and to erase or reconsider them. That’s the point of change, to change.

With Love
Ruth Utnage
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