Some of the things we go through hurt. Recently one of our sisters (trans inmate) was using the bathroom. No big deal really, except she sits to pee. Because of the dangers of a prison environment when they go to the bathroom they go in pairs. 

There is 1 bathroom for 100 men, 3 stalls in one bathroom. Because we are in a men’s prison, there is no female restroom for inmates to use. You need to know this for this next part, these girls have no choice…

So when our sister was using the restroom, a tall black man who is always using his race to get out of trouble by claiming racism, walks into the bathroom and sees her sitting down (the facility cut down the stall dividers so there is no privacy, we are in prison…) then he yells “f*****g faggots!” and proceeds to storm out yelling “don’t go in there, there is f*****g faggots in there.” As if he had experienced some sort of trauma while in there. As if she had a choice to use another restroom.

Of course there was a harassment report made and the facility took appropriate action. But the damage was done, now when any of us use the restroom someone storms out yelling the same thing. Then I have to listen to them cry about having to hold there urine in because the fags are in the bathroom again. They trade stories like they have just returned from war. As if they have just survived an attack…

The real tragedy here is our sisters feelings. They are already extremely fragile and experiencing inner turmoil having to be treated as men when they are not, now they are being called faggots when they are straight women. It takes them back to when they made the decision to transition and reminds them of serious insecurities within.

This isn’t limited to prison or to trans people either. This effects all of us. This happens everywhere. Homophobia is real and still alive and it hurts.

Remain strong and seek one another out for support, we are all one another has. You are strong. You are resilient. You are beautiful. You are deserving of good things and you DON’T deserve ridicule. Do NOT tolerate bullying in ANY form. Report it and ignore it when you cannot report it and make it known to the perpetrator that you won’t tolerate it. Your worth standing up for!

With Love
Jeff Utnage