Church leaders need to hear this message from me, church goers need to hear this to. Even those who despise the church need to hear this.

Do you remember being in church and falling asleep. Or arguing with your kids about going. Do you have to talk yourself into going? Is every Sunday a hassle? 
I want to remind you what Christianity is. Its love. God designed us to react to stimulation. Remember that little thing called science? Yeah, He made that too. We react to negative stimulation and positive. 
Like when we get burned one time or even feel heat from the stove we are careful for the rest of our lives. Fearful of being burned. That’s not a coincidence. Likewise when we feel loved and appreciated and useful we will always react the same way. We will seek one and reject the other.
Pastors, when you teach the Word are you displaying Gods love? Or are you spewing His wrath? How are you making your church feel? When Jesus encountered the adulterous woman, how did she feel when she left His presence. It certainly wasn’t rejection, was it? No, it was love. Jesus displayed love. So should you. 
As people we are always going to gravitate to what makes us feel good. This is to our fault. As stewards of God you are to stimulate our minds to associate God with Love. This will always draw us nearer to Him. We will gravitate to what makes us feel good, remember? 
If we come to church and we fall asleep, or get bored or we’re always feeling rejected or not welcome (which Jesus NEVER did and neither should YOU) then you should expect that your flock will not completely follow because when something doesn’t feel good, we tend to avoid it. 
God has a way of dealing with us that makes us feel loved, even when were chastised. But it won’t EVER be by your hand, always HIS. Only God knows our heart and its weak points. Only He knows when were ready. Your job is to instill HIS love inside of us. 

Shame on you all for failing your people. Correct it and correct it now before you drive us away completely. And we wonder why the church is falling…it lacks the key ingredient, love.

With Love
Jeff Utnage