Building relationships with people is tricky business sometimes. Everyone who has been around for a minute or two knows that. You just never know who you can trust to be there when you truly need it. Real friendships get tested when you need more than a cup of flour.

A real friend would never get him or herself into a situation that would require you to test your loyalty. However, sometimes stuff happens and there is nothing you can do about it. It just comes your way and you get caught up in an enemy’s net that you didn’t even know you needed to watch out for.

There are friends that you can depend on to lend you a thing or two. Then there are friends who see your in trouble and stand in the gap. Those are the kind of friends we all need more of.

I once heard that friends are like rungs on a ladder. We are steps up for each other. I haven’t thought about that analogy with any real depth until I needed a helping foothold to get out of danger, move up in life, get help. Funny how I was that ladder rung for so many people yet when I really needed help all my rungs were broken. 

I lost heart for a while. I’ll admit that. However, here we are again standing up. I cannot lay down, even when it means I must stand alone. 

This is the time where you look at your life and realize that you do in fact have a few people in your life that are willing to stand in the gap for you against anything. I have friends like that, they are wonderful and I know just how lucky I am to have them. Both blood line and non. 

This is what type of LGBT family I seek to create. The kind that when life happens, we do not have to go it alone. We have someone we can at least look to for eye contact when life really does happen. 

The last time that I needed someone, I looked for at least eye contact and all I got was averted eyes, as if they could not see my terror. It’s ok though. I know I will be there for my friends and even those who barely know me. Because help should not be just a friends thing, it should be a human thing.

With Love
Jeff Utnage