If you’re a social justice warrior who wants to showcase the negative impacts of the carceral state, you usually focus on the poor, the violent, the addicted, or the fringe citizens that society throws away. It’s easy to drive an agenda based on the caste system in America developed through the criminal justice system. But if you will accept all crimes to show that the system is broken…. well, except a sex offenses of course… then I will kindly invite you to go fuck yourself. The problem within prisons are the subjective “categories” of what a “good crime” is. Turns out, the social justice warriors do the exact same thing as prisoners. They are willing to buck against the system, just as long as the bucking doesn’t support sex offenders in any way. Nevermind those ridiculously low recidivism rates and the devastating circumstances of victims becoming victimizers.

Prison culture says that people who murder police are heroes. In society, like in states like New York, those who murder police are worth redemption, parole, a commutation or clemency, you name it. Then it’s over for the most part and life can begin again unimpeded. Those cultural norms are mirrored between the prison and the free. Yet, many sex offenses carry a lifetime of reminders that they will never be redeemed by way of registration, lifetime parole, and certainly being shunned from almost every community. That, too, is mirrored between the prison and society. The abuse at the hands of those prisoner with the “good” crimes extends to news stories of registered sex offenders being murdered by someone who had an axe to grind and found their house from a registry. Very “solid” of them. Strangely, the social justice warriors don’t want to get their hands dirty fighting that injustice of inequity… the equal outcome of all those who have served their sentences and forgiven.
If you wanna make a movie or write a book or film a documentary about how bad the system is, but you can’t bring yourself to view all crimes equally, just quit right now. You may be saving face amongst your colleagues and friends at the social justice rallies, but you aren’t doing shit except perpetuating an already terrible, inequitable problem.

by Rory Andes

There is no such thing as a “worse crime”. They all are bad. Ask any victim…

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