My whole goal is unity so that those who have inner turmoil have a strong support system to depend on. That means that those of you out there and those of us in here need to reach out to one another. But I seem to be running into a huge obstacle, ego.

For instance, a few of the trans girls here in prison are quite threatened by some of the popular homosexual men. At first I didn’t get this, at all. They seemed to fight like stray cats in an alley. Every time they get out of ear shot of one another all I hear is hissing and complaints. I find it somewhat amusing that either of them, though in this instance it was usually instigated by the girls, would be threatened by the other considering one likes straight guys while one likes gay guys, at least that’s my opinion.

That doesn’t seem to matter. There is a serious gap in our community and the only time I’ve seen all of us unite is in the wake of tragedy, like Orlando. Then we all mourned together, even feared together, and were outraged together. I don’t want that to be our only uniting thread that you see. 

I also don’t want those in here to feel as if they are on their own. Healing is taking place where I am at. This prison is different then any other prison in the country. There is a different kind of incarceration going on here. I have been shouting as loud as I can from the rooftops and it seems like nobody is listening. Well…I promise you this, I’m going to make it hard to sleep at night until people start stirring and paying attention. There is a group of people that are hurting, abused, neglected and they need YOUR help. They need to see that people care whether they live or die, succeed or fail…they need to know the world doesn’t hate them. Yeah, I get that they committed a crime or several, and they are paying a penalty. But prison doesn’t correct the problem, it breeds violence. It desensitizes and numbs your conscious into submission so that you can watch a mans throat get slit and only be bothered by it because it might delay your meal. Yeah…

But here in THIS prison, things are different. Men and women are coming together, were learning and spreading compassion. Were helping each other and using emotions and feelings…Don’t give up on us, please.

With Love
Jeff Utnage