Do you know what the value of cognitive change is? Do you have any idea how it may impact you, your community, your true sense of safety? Yet the public wants to ensure that inmates achieve a level of this through prison. Then I challenge you to look deeply at your prisons (and because you pay for them, they are YOUR prisons to inspect). Make sure that they are satisfying your expectations. But don’t just take their word for it, be bold enough to educate yourself about the possibilities.

Prison can be a place of deep change and powerful growth. There are methods to create valuable cognitive change inside. But ask yourself, “how do these get implemented?” And how can the community make best use and establish best practices to ensure their expectations are being met? The requirement and responsibility to change falls on the person who needs to. Where it happens and how, falls on the people you pay to do that. Know that you have a say in what a prison produces. Make your expectations known, understand the value of cognitive change, and hold your prisons accountable. It’s your money… Make sure it’s paying for progress…

by Rory Andes

Things can only be better if you take a stand and make it that way…

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