Strategy. I define strategy as the method, plan or process to achievement. Strategy is often thought of as individualistic and loose but just under every strategic plan is a universal foundation. Like a template. Let’s talk about it.

Where do we start? What’s “step 1”? See if this guide helps you:

Step 1: Define the goal. Every strategy begins with an end point in mind. What precisely do you want to accomplish? Start here.

Step 2: Dream audaciously. Once you know what you want to achieve, aim higher. Take your goal and ask yourself “what’s bigger than that?” or WBTT (pronounced wibbit). If the goal is to own your own organic beauty supply store, your WBTT could be to franchise them across the country. Who knows, you are only limited by your ability to think it.

Step 3: Believe. Seriously, this is the hardest step. You have to believe you are able to do what you want. You have to think it’s possible. This is where I learned to rethink about the word impossible, instead I think “I’m Possible”. A mustard seed of doubt can crumble an empire and squelch a dream before it ever leaves the incubation period. Strategy isn’t difficult, believing it’s going to work, that’s the difficultly.

Step 4: Phase it out. These are different from Action Steps. Each phase of your plan should be a mile marker, something to let you know you’re on the right path but more importantly, it’s an opportunity to readjust your strategy with new info! Which brings us to step 5.

Step 5: ADAPT!!! No joke, failure to adapt is a dream killing machine. If you do not know how to achieve your goal that DOES NOT mean you cannot accomplish it, it DOES mean you will have to adjust and adapt to new information. This is where failure must be rethought. Because one step doesn’t work, doesn’t mean the strategy is ineffective. Instead of failure think, lesson. Success comes to those who stay the course. Keep trying. For every plan a, rethink about a contingency plan b and c.

Step 6: Understand your motivation. Why do you want to make this goal happen? What does it mean for you if you don’t make it work? What’s at stake? Hint, this should be selfish. If it’s not, you’re not going deep enough. Telling people you want to make enough money to pay for your kids’ college is wonderful, but the motivation under that is what will get you there. Maybe you want to do that because you can’t stand the idea of poverty or you resent your parents for not doing the same for you or you just have to be the best parent in the neighborhood… who knows, this is yours. Own it because when times get tough and you feel like quitting, this motivation has to be strong and deep enough to get you to the finish line despite yourself.

Step 7: Action Steps. Each Phase has to have steps to achieve during the phase. If you don’t know what to do, make asking or researching the action step and understand you will have to ADAPT to new information.

Step 8: Prepare for problems. Come up with a contingency plan b for every step in your plan. This means you have to brainstorm what could go wrong. List out every possibility you can think of and then problem solve each one as a plan b.

Step 9: Visualize. See yourself making it happen. Seriously important. You have to see your own success because if you can’t no one else can either.

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