Were different, I get it. Who is we? Us, all of us. Maybe your black, or a woman or a Muslim or your gay or your trans. Your unique and you face challenges that are your own. I’m with it! 

But did you notice what I just wrote? I’m with it…Do you hear me? I’m with you. Not just what I want. I’m down for you to. Where am I going with this? I may only be gay, or whatever, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t experienced a terrible form of ostracism. Trans people all across the nation are struggling for recognition that they even exist and are legitimate people. They aren’t even at the point where there saying “we want equal rights” they are still at the point of convincing everyone they are even here! 

A friend of mine once told me “There is no equality until there is all equality”. Our fellow LGBT people are still struggling out there and in here. There is suicides, teens getting kicked out of parents homes, bullying, workplace intimidation, marriage inequality, discrimination, services refusal, religious persecution. The list goes on and on. Do you think the battle is over because you can buy a latte at Starbucks holding your partners hand in an open and affirming neighborhood in Seattle somewhere? Try this on for size I heard this just a few days ago (Note: this is an actual quote):

“If my son ever came out I would tell him its cool. Then I would buy him some camouflage gear and some camping stuff and we would go duck hunting. I would shoot the first duck and have him retrieve it for me. Then, when he’s off in the brush looking for the bird, I’d blow his f*****g brains out”

Still think the battles not raging on? This is a modern mentality of many people out there. We are still hated and we are easily picked off and dismantled to go back into the dregs we came out of when we are fractured and are divided against one another. 

Yes gays are increasingly more accepted and the trans movement is causing typically “gay friendly” people and places to sort of digress in thinking about gays and lesbians. But that means that our acceptance was conditional in the first place. Thanks, but no thanks, keep your acceptance of me if it means that my brothers and sisters are still ostracized. 
I may be the black sheep on this issue (but I think not) but I love my family and that includes L+G+B+T+Q+I+A+GQ+P+Q…sorry player, were a package deal whether they like it or not. 
For all you trans folk out there, anyone who feels not accepted know this, not everyone thinks there should be a separation. I know that many of you are straight men and women in bodies that don’t match your gender. This differs you from ‘gay’…I got it, now let’s go cause we got work to do…

With Love
Jeff Utnage