If you read this often then you already know my views on masculinity and femininity. I hate the “roles” of each.

I was never entirely comfortable with gender specific playtime roles as a child. Though, I did abide by them when people were looking, I broke them every time someone was not. 

As an adult, who has now accepted my sexuality and has a very opinionated view on gender roles, I express myself however the hell I want. Modern psychology says that my personality type is known as androgynous. Some call it gender fluid or gender nonconformity. While I am okay with the labels, I don’t agree that I’m breaking any biological laws of what it means to have a male sexual organ. 

Example, in many Aboriginal tribes the women are the primary hunters, decision makers, the ruff and gruff power houses that bring home the bacon. Men stay at home and paint their faces and primp one another, are very theatrical and display more emotions. The roles are exactly reversed and it comes “natural.”

Our “roles” are not from “birth” they are from our parents who got them from theirs and so on. Modern marketing dictates our roles as men and women. Women wear lipstick, men do men stuff like football and now lawns. 

I paint my nails, because it makes me feel pretty. Because I am allowed to feel pretty. I have long hair, because I like it better long and in a ponytail, it fits me better. When I get out of prison I will have a closet full of clothes that match my personality, not anyone else’s. 

You see, not being accepted has done something amazing for me…it gave me freedom to be whoever in the hell I want to be. Because I’m gonna be disliked for the rest of my life, so I’m gonna be happy with myself. 

In all this there is a golden lining for the LGBT community. I am only following what has already been done by our brave predecessors. I thank them for it. You should too.

If you hate it when your husband puts a viking helmet on, grabs his shotgun and a six-pack of beer while he mows the lawn with a flame painted riding lawn mower, just know this, that’s not born into him…he’s just being a dipshit.

With Love