Men have long had this idea that the job of a man is to protect the woman. Which is noble. The problem with this type of hyper-masculinity is in order for someone to be protected, someone needs to be protected. Which means someone needs to be seen as a victim.

This presents a real problem in important issues like women’s rights and the Glass Ceiling in corporate America, sexual assaults by authorities and men in general, as well as an unrealistic expectations of oneself (not being manly unless you have protected the “victim-proned” and “weaker” gender).

I’m not saying men shouldn’t step in to end needless victimization of women. But, it shouldn’t be the standard that men expect women to be helpless creatures constantly being whisked away by some peril in which only a man can save them from. 

This same mentality is used by authorities to victimize people. When an undocumented woman crosses the border, it is done so with a chance of being sexually assaulted in exchange for “protection.” Which begs the question, what kind of precedent are we setting as a country when we overlook abuse in the name of protecting our borders? This is just one tiny instance of what the guise of masculinity and how women are viewed by those who need to be “alpha protectors” is extremely problematic, perpetuating violence and male dominance. I know, I used to play the role. 

Father’s, take care what you teach your young ones about what it means to be a male. But more importantly, be careful what you teach them about what it means to be a female.

With Love