I think about evolution alot. The whole idea that we were once fish or monkeys just doesn’t ring very true with me. I know that alot of the GBT community needs to believe in evolution of ancient alien theories so that the theory of a God can’t be true. I get it. 

While I agree that some people who are Christian make it very difficult to believe in Christianity, I cannot and will not, agree that Christianity is againt GBT people. I have no problem having a robust and healthy debate over biblical symantics any day of the week. I will warn you though, before you come at me with scripture, you better be prepared because I am…

Back to evolution though. Some parts of evolution is necessary. Like the ability to eat wheat products or corn. Our digestive system has evolved to process such substances. Our brains have undergone growth to adapt to a changing world. I get it.

But the idea we came from monkeys doesn’t make any sense to me and here is why: if monkeys were in an environment that required them to develop newer skills, thus sparking an evolutionary process, then the entire species would have evolved.

Monkeys are still around, so are gorillas and apes. Why didn’t they evolve? Did someone forget to tell them? Quick, someone go tell them that we are evolving! But that isn’t the only species. What about fish or reptiles?

If the environment required that special adaptations be made, then every organism of the same genetic type would have developed the same special adaptation or died as a result of NOT developing them, or evolving. But seeing as how monkeys are still around and we fish for fish…clearly they survived just fine.

That’s the problem with evolution. It has serious flaws that, for me anyway, deflate it so entirely that I cannot and will not take it seriously.

I believe that we as people, particularly we as LGBT people, need to think for ourselves. Just because some jackhole gets a degree and spouts some theoretical garbage doesn’t mean that it’s true. Columbus didn’t discover s**t yet we still remember and honor the man that ruined and almost brought an entire civilization to extinction and he went to south america…

Have an opinion. Even if its wrong and be willing to learn. Its our greatest differentiator from animals, our ability to adapt.

With Love