Some people just give and give of themselves freely. Which I think is perfectly fine. If the impression you leave on the world is that you gave everything you had, you did good.

In order to continue to give to others you have to have something left inside you to give. Love is free. Love is never ending. You can love forever. The problem? Sometimes emotions get in the way. We get depressed, irritated, angry, hurt etc. We lose focus that love is never ending inside of us and we try to tap into resources inside of us that we simply don’t have. 

When you feeling off, call a friend or trusted person in your life and just tell them the truth. Your feeling angry or hurt and you want to feel love again. Tell them that’s why your calling because you need them to just love you. 
I have developed a group that will provide peer support for the LGBT community here. My #1 goal? Make sure that each and every one of them knows that without a doubt I care about them. They will have a place to recharge their sense of love. 

Where do you fill up at? If you don’t have a place, find one because there are many places to do so. Churches like All Pilgrims Christian Church or Methodist Church of Christ, both in Seattle and willing to love you through anything. Or there is me, I’ll love you through anything. Why, because I know what it feels like to feel unloved and I refuse to let anyone feel like that. At least with those that are within my ability to do so. I’m kinda limited to those in this prison and those of you who choose to contact me. I love letters ! So in case you need a little recharge, I love you. Now pass it on sweetie!

With Love
Jeff Utnage