This toothbrush I have is tan.. almost the color of stained teeth. These are rare here. Unfortunately, it’s got no thickness to it. This means I can’t make it into a partial denture, because then, what would I have to carve into? This toothbrush was made so that one could not make it into a spike.. because some inmates get rather stabby. Now hypothetically, if I absolutely had to use this material, I would have to melt it down. I could make a mold out of toothpaste and let the drippings cool inside the mold, giving me a plastic ingot. …like metal bullion. This ingot would be probably three times bigger than what I need, but the inevitable problem that makes this a “no go” is that the melting causes soot. Even a little and there will be black inside the finished raw material

Solution? Yes. Heat the toothbrush up, without letting it get so hot that it drips plastic. Bend the heated plastic onto itself, like when forging a katana, and hammer the air bubbles out of the plastic while it’s still hot. you can forge by holding it very close to a candle until the plastic is bendy. Bend it over and repeat the process. Bend and hammer such that you end up with the handle (which you were holding through the whole process) on one end, and a rectangular, thicker piece at the other end. Then make the partial denture.















































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