I felt a shift beneath my feet the day Miss Permenter hit the streets. Planet earth gained a beautiful human. In fact, I’ve seen her dancing on the tops of every skyscraper downtown Seattle. You go girl! She has a magnetic personality. I think she is made of three parts glitter, two parts pizzazz, and the rest is that feeling you get standing next to a giant sound system.

I’ve been yelling out my window “Renee! Wooooooh-hooooow, yeeeeeeeaaah! and of course Heck Yeah!” Can you hear me? Where the hell have you been girlfriend?

If you get the incredible opportunity to meet Renee, you’ll grow taller and feel loved because she has the ability to impact your life in such a unique way.

I wrote down one of Renee’s quotes as she gave a speech, “We must make a choice to take a chance, or our lives will never change.” We all walk a little off kilter since her release, like those old V8 commercials.

Extraordinary Vitality,
Marshall Byers