The Oppression Of Gays

I walk with pride in my step,
A new found comfort in my skin.
Freedom that tastes so sweet
Threatened by many who don’t understand.

Yet I’m the one who must display love,
When I am hated openly and directly.
Cow my head down and submit,
Act like a wounded animal to satisfy.

I won’t do it anymore!
No longer will I submit and look down for you.
Your false sense of entitlement will have to be fed elsewhere,
This diner is closed for good.

I will look you in the eyes from now on,
From now on were equals.
Do you got that?
We are creation, you aren’t allowed to disagree today.

Today my family rests quietly,
That is what we want.
Eat, drink and be happy.
Our portion for this life.

Go ahead, be gay! He says.
Just do it silently, away from my sight.
Be seen but not heard,
Go hide from the normal world.

No. That is my reply.
Here’s my hard line.
Accept me or move.
This is my land too, made for you AND me.

Your bullying won’t drive me away.
You neglect to realize that those raised in oppression know how to handle it.
Beat a boy all his life and he knows how to fight back as an adult.
You’ve beat me for long enough now.

We are not less then
We are not mistakes
We are not cursed
We are not abominable
We are not products of debasement
We are not weak

We are beautiful
We are crafted with intent
We are strong
We are able to love despite your hate
We are unlimited
We are gay, we are LGBTI
We are strong

We will no longer allow you to oppress us.

With Love
Jeff Utnage