The next generation of leaders has emerged with powerful and mighty voices. I remember when I told my mother I wanted to raise my kids with voices. I wanted them to speak out, boldly. Kind of a parents nightmare actually, but, I wasn’t alone. My generation, 25-40 year olds were taught by our parents’ generation how to speak up. Now we have taught ours how to speak out.

The protests around the country have been born from our governments complacency and their disregard of the American people. The marches that are happening now are the result of our government selfishly ignoring us for their careers.

I sit in this prison cell with a proud smile for our nations youth, if they are in the streets fighting, it may as well be a fight worth having.

This latest budget from our federal government spend more on war preparation than it did on education. Clearly we not being regarded, we are being prepared…

With Love
Jeff “Jeffebelle”