Today, in my many journeys to and from the room, I noticed something in a crack above my bed. It was a big something… a brown frog. It looked like a tree frog from 6 feet away. But then I had the sense to use good ol’ fashioned logic. First, what the hell is a tree frog doing inside a cell, on the top bunk of the second floor of a prison with no trees? And then secondly, why in the proper f*ck is this tree frog flying towards my face? And then he attacked me in a rather “non-tree frog” way by ramming my head, bouncing off and flying back to ram my head. This kept occurring, like the ball attached to the paddle with a rubber string. I would get swept on by the “thing”, and then it would clumsily catch it’s balance and repeat the process. Ahh.. of course. A moth.

Moth’s name is Little Christopher, a name given to him by my celly. I like little Christopher, despite our rough start. Unfortunately, I think LC is offended by me, since he moves to the other side of the room whenever I sit in my bed. Tonight however, LC moved close to me. My celly asked why I don’t let him go. Actually, he’s always free to go. “He’s probably starving” my celly said. I said “No.. he has all our clothes to eat.”. Then I decided I’d at least attempt to free him. He left. But he immediately came right back I to my room. He’s now a member of my household. ..Little Christopher.


P.S. Little Christopher is 2 feet from me.. practically best friends.
























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