He loves many people. All different ways. Love like brothers, sisters, friends and so on. Love comes in so many ways. He doesn’t love anyone completely, not yet anyway. Nobody gets all of him.

He gives a piece here, a piece there, hoping it will return the same. Though it rarely does, except for the rare few. So he spends his time in neon lights, tragically tight pants, freshly waxed because he just never knows.

But when he does give his love away it will be completely. Every ounce, every breath will be given. His entirety. Is there anyone willing, that seems to be his wall? Daily he stares at it in shame, something he cannot overcome yet. 

He wants love. So many Clyde’s want their Bonnie, but not him. No, their love won’t do. He wants love that grows old together, that others see and say “we want that too.”

For now he’ll just wait. Continue trying and giving himself away. Hopefully, one day soon, he’ll have enough of himself to give to someone peculiar, just like him.

With Love
Jeff Utnage