I conducted an experiment on my own. Without telling people it was an experiment, I told everyone that I did and didn’t have problems with that I loved them. That I cared.

I ran into plenty of situations that could have resulted in tragedy. Instead, I openly forgave, sometimes swallowing my pride, often having to take blame where it wasn’t due. But, for my experiments sake, this had to be done. 

The point was to let them know in no uncertain terms that I was not going to use fear, violence, or anger to solve my quarrels with them or anyone else. Then I would openly say “I am going to love through my problems.” Most often I would get laughed at. They would tell me it was impossible, violence was necessary, I’ll get taken advantage of, it will never work, its all pipe dreams…Christian nonsense. 

All that changed once I did it to them. Once I had some sort of altercation with them, or they witnessed an altercation with me, their attitude changed and most became cohorts, some even challenged me to love better. Sometimes even calling me on not loving enough or genuinely in some cases. They came to prefer it. Respect it.

I have lots of stories to relate to you about this, but, instead I am going to leave it at this: Love those people around you. Do not let them leave your presence without them knowing, in no uncertain terms, that you genuinely and legitimately care for them. However you express love, express it to them. I promise you that it won’t take long before you change your environment. Please try…

With Love
Jeff Utnage