I was talking to a friend about writing so many LGBT organizations and receiving no responses. I explained that I understood not getting replies from people who have not met me, but it was bothering me that people who have met me, even said they wanted to connect with me, have ignored me completely despite several attempts to reach out. 

My friend told me that he wasn’t surprised, that the people I was writing were the “cool kids” of the LGBT community. They have all the gay friends, do all the gay things, go to all the gay events. If its not shiny and brand new right in front of them its not relevant. He finished by reminding me that the prison stigma is real. 

I thought about that for a long while. I read and reread the simple paragraph multiple times. It just wasn’t sitting well with me. It wasn’t my friends statements that got to me, but I wasn’t sure how I was suppose to feel, what he was saying was absolutely true. 

Prison has the same social divisions that the free world has. Even the “cool kids”, the ones that are ultra popular, all up in the mix, has a little knowledge about everything. I know because I am one of them. Which is where my dilemma presents an interesting case. Can I be upset with the cool kids if I’m not relevant enough for them to notice?

In truth, I don’t need them to accomplish my life’s goals. My goals are large in nature and require a different set of organizations to fulfill. I would much rather include the current culture of movers and shakers in my plans, after all, they are highly experienced in dealing with highly motivated people. These people will inevitably be apart of what I want to do ultimately. But they are not my intended audience. 

I wonder what other people have to say about this? What are your thoughts?

With Love