Organized, self-confident, integrity…just a few of the words I would use to describe a leader. Oh wait, I have a few more: gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgendered, gender fluid…there, much better!

I do my best to learn leadership skills without being mentored by someone formally. Not by choice though. I am forced to learn from afar. I am a good student who is quick to apply needed character changes and life skills necessary.

Leaders need a vision, check! Got one of those. Leaders need self-discipline, yup, developed that too! They need a good character, I have one now! They need a positive attitude, I’m about at a 80 out of 100 on that one, but I am working on it! 
I am reading books on the subject of leadership and when an author references other books I check into those as well. I am starving for knowledge.

What I need is someone to work with me. I have accomplished a lot given my environment and I am not done yet. I have more to do for myself and for my peers. 

What I am hoping is that someone out there, in business, activism, and/or life in general, will mentor me. I am dedicated to being better and will not let down those willing to teach me. I just need you to take that chance. 

With Love