Mathematical precision. That statement means something in all fields of science and when it’s said outside of academia it rings in the ears of fact-based thinkers. However, what is the last number?

I dislike that the last number I can personally think of is infinity. I cannot conceptualize infinity, I am unable to compare it to anything except an imagined “thing”. I have to think of infinity in terms of an infinitely expanding universe, which leads me to the thought of:

If my universe is ever expanding then it must be expanding into something (positiving…?). Thinking this, I then understand that it must be expanding into something that is infinitely shrinking (negativing..?). But then if that is true then the infinitely shrinking space, or negativing space, must then reside in something. Thus we then arrive at a point where another positive space must exist that is infinitely growing. For me, then, infinity is expressed in terms of fractalism.

Okay, I need to stop because my mind is getting bent around things I cannot actually comprehend and it’s not even 7:30 a.m. yet (at the time I’m writing this).

So here we go. Starting my day by infinity.


With Love