There are people in this world who are invisible. Who scream at the top of their lungs, until their throat shreds, and nobody turns a head. They cry for help and the world does not hear them, passes by comfortably.

I’m not talking about ghosts, I’m talking about inmates. We are invisible to the outside world. Since it is rare that anyone shows concern our keepers get away with most anything. Nobody bothers to demand accountability, after all they jail nobodies.

I don’t think its intentional. I believe its more of a “don’t do the crime if you can’t handle the time” mentality. People assume that we should be kept in this dark, dank room with no light or human contact and somehow that’s going to fix us. As if torture will work. Because we have so many examples of that working…if you can provide even one…

Doesn’t anyone wonder why criminals keep committing crimes after prison? Isn’t anyone electing officials who are legitimately concerned with this? If 67% of criminals are re offending then the “corrective” actions being taken are failing…right? I mean come on, think about it. Nobody cares that 67% of the felon population (which is literally MILLIONS) continues to commit crimes and teach their children to do so, and their children…

If nobody looks into our little world and asks questions like, “what is going wrong, what is going right? What is actually working and what is not?”

We are the invisible ones. We are fixable, correctable, rehabilitable. We are, I promise. We are worth the time. Some of us just simply didn’t know a few things. Emotional management is a big missing piece in nearly all the men’s lives here, I’d imagine its a big deal for women’s prisoner populations as well. 

We learn that through direct exposure to emotionally stable persons. Most of our keepers are not emotionally stable. Those that are, they aren’t trained in how to maintain security and an authoritative position AND mentor us. 

That’s why your needed. Engagement in any capacity is needed. So many programs need sponsors, volunteers who come in once week or so and interact with us. Saints really, they are everyday average people with extraordinary hearts and directly responsible for our success. Mainly because they teach us emotion management through direct exposure. Examples.

You know what’s sad? Me writing this will probably get administration mad. That’s the sad part. I want to help, be apart of my own rehabilitation. When nobody helps me, I decided to help myself, them too. I am a mentor and light for positive change to my entire social network. I promote healthy behavior, obedience to the rules, maintaining emotional composure in tough situations. Then I write about it, my mother (who owns and operates this site, decides what is fitting of her goal with this and what is not, its a media outlet and not a personal website, nor is it any type of social media) sometimes posts them, sometimes she doesn’t …its up to her because these messages are going to her, for her, and what she decides to do with them is up to her.

Those that live in darkness hate the light.

We need your light.

With Love