I was reading Plato’s “The Allegory Of The Cave” this morning and it sparked a thought about the divisibility of the singular 1. 1 is both uninteresting and interesting, finite and infinite. 1 is simply 1 until we divide 1 and introduce fractions. 1 in its singularly uninteresting state is finite, measurable. However, divide it just once and we return the possibility of infinite.

If we view 1 as a vessel, a container if you will, and my being as the same. 1 is a vessel that presents infinity, as there are an infinite number of fractions contained within 1. This makes it interesting as now we must ponder that 1 is not only singular but both multiple and singular at the same time, a container for both the finite and infinite. Not so with our bodies.

Even if we divide our bodies into its smallest pieces, let’s say atoms, we can calculate how many, our vessel only contains the finite. Much less interesting you see, than the now heavenly, 1.

What say you?

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