Imagining, envisioning, dreaming, planning. All words that are the root of achievement. Success doesn’t come by luck for most. You usually don’t happen to fall into a million dollar bank account. There is almost always something behind it.
If you want to lose weight, envision yourself at your target weight or body style. 

If your wanting a promotion, imagine what kind of person you’ll be once you get it. Will you wear a different fragrance? Will you dress differently? Will your characteristics change? Will you be more confident? 

Our goals start with a thought and that is their birth. Since they begin with a thought it only makes sense that in order to give birth to our goals, we must think about them. We have to give our goals body, substance. You can’t just say I want to be a millionaire. You have to also dream with that a way to get your million, that would be giving it a body. 

So often our imaginations are stifled and shut down. This is counterproductive to us. We have an imagination for a reason, ever consider that? Its how brainstorms work, how ideas get planned, how homes get built, how clothes get designed, how inventions are made. 

Go and get, but in all your getting, dream. Just sit somewhere quietly, maybe in your bed tonight, lay there in the dark and imagine. Plan your goal all the way through in your head. Troubleshoot, identify pitfalls, add more or take away. 

With Love
Jeff Utnage