At the heart of all this is LGBT reality. Connected to every LGBT person is a non-LGBT person. Along side of that is prison. There is a large prison population of LGBT people with families, sometimes.

Just because I am gay and in prison. doesn’t mean that the cares of the world are different. Or that I can be excluded somehow. I am in prison and not dead.

Everyday issues are issues. Politics, religion, self improvement, health, well being, love, romance, intimacy, prison reform, crime prevention and much much more.

Besides being a great way to reach out into the world its a great way to meet people who care about the same issues.

This isn’t a forum to bash prisons or their function. Though, I do have strong opinions on the subject. This is a way for me to show people how “normal” we are. How much we have in common with one another. 

There are people, like me, who have made mistakes in their lives. However, that doesn’t mean I am not useful or capable of effecting change within myself and the world. In fact, I’d say it helps me personally because I simply cannot live with the man I once was. That’s just me though. Going through mistakes and coming out the other side willing and eager to use it for good…I have seen it done and that’s the man I admire most, that’s who I want to be. 

With Love
Jeff Utnage