Early in my prison sentence I concluded that I hated the man I was. I hated what I had done, why I did it, what it cost me, and how deep into the community it went. It happened years ago and there are still consequences happening that stem from my selfishness. That wanted change hasn’t been forgotten or forsaken.

Now that I’m nearly 7 years into my sentence I’ve had a chance to root out some negative characteristics, develop a whole new set of life skills, and become the person I wanted to be. 

The very best me came from my worst decision. 

I have a new outlook on life. I expect greatness. Nothing is impossible for me. I only associate with people who dream big and brazen enough to get things done. Often we define our limits, while mine used to be easy to hit, now they’re nonexistent. 

What’s more is my circle of associates are all birthed in the same way, their best them was derived from their worst actions. 

We were shamed and humiliated,
We have been oppressed and hated.
We are now humble and experienced,
We now know what liberation means.

My kind of people are not rare, but plentiful. Diligently hidden under poverty and division, judgment and shame, servitude and disparity. 

Expect greatness and settle for nothing short. Savagely pursue it until you are exhausted, then get up and begin again and again and again. When you are weary and can get up no more, then crawl over the bodies of those who have given up taking what you must but leaving what you can.

With Love