I awoke to a rumble, calmly thinking…earthquake? Next thought was imagining the ceiling crushing me, flattening me like a pancake. I began hearing toilets flush up and down the tier. It woke us all up. It happened some time around 2:30 or 3:00 am, I think? Back to the pancake thought. As I lay flat on my back, on my cozy little bunk, warm under the covers, I began to fall back asleep.

No longer concerned about being killed by the upper tier, I floated away to a local IHOP. Yep, I know, the mind is strange and witty, drifting from earthquakes to being crushed to death, to a magical place called IHOP. I did my best not to freakout. My waitress kept bringing more and more yummy golden brown pancakes. The issue concerning me, was that there were to many damn flavoured syrup’s to choose from. I couldn’t seem to pick one, and the cute waitress kept delivering more hot buttery pancakes!
I can’t wait to have problem’s like this when I come home!

Support your local International House of Pancakes.

Yours Truly,
Marshall Byers

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