“Grind, and when you’re too tired, too weak, too alone to grind another minute, remember this – This is where all the losers quit. Never Quit.” -Ruth

I received this quote on a business card this week from one of the most influential women of my current life, my sister Ruth. You see, we used to be cellmates and I remember her digging into this quote back then and the words have POWER in them. In this space, in this place, and even in this life, it might seem easy to give up… on anything and everything. But what happens if I did? If I did, I will have effectively pissed away a life I’ve grinded into existence. The most meaningful shit isn’t easy and when I walked into prison, I was a quitter. Maybe even a loser…

The power in this little quote has a new meaning, a new message, every time I look at it. I know I still have a lot of work ahead and some of it will push me past my limit, but I have the reminder by someone I love and who loves me, and I have the will and ability to push past healing and hope, to muscle all the way to greatness.

This little card now hangs on the wall, right next to a reminder given to me by the other “most influential” female in my current life – a cutout of a small hand with the words “You Are A Rock Star” written in each of the fingers by my daughter. I have a few wonderful reasons to be that rock star who grinds my way to the best life I’ve ever lived…

by Rory Andes

When it sucks to push forward, keep pushing forward…

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