Resistance is not an enemy or an opponent. Resistance is a tool, a character trait to help you learn to achieve your wildest dreams. Without resistance we are doomed to limits as a species. When muscles face resistance repeatedly they adapt to the difficulty by growing stronger. Strong enough to overcome challenges. So do we.

We can choose to lay down at resistances’ feet and declaring it a tool for someone else, to heavy for us to use. Or we can stand and fight. We can continue to embrace it until we are strong enough to overcome our unique challenges in life. Instead of retreating from resistance, pick it up and use it.

Yes, you’ll be sore and for a short while you’ll be aching, maybe even walking a little funny. But when you heal you’re better adapted. You’re more durable. You’re stronger. You’re one step closer to your dreams.

Don’t shy away or be resentful of resistance, embrace it. Without resistance we fail. With resistance we prevail.

I choose to prevail.

With Love
Ruth Utnage