Running barefooted, warm sunny early morning, sand pushing up between my toes. I can still smell the salty sea, dry smooth driftwood, dark green sticky kelp, seagulls on patrol. Waves lapping calmly sssshhh…………ssssssssh. I enjoyed letting the sparkly wet water touch my feet. There’s something magical that takes place in my chest looking out as far as the eye can see, vast blue horizon, misty coast, my heart beats with a new thickness. Thump….Ump………….Thump….Ump! Can you feel it?

Will you just take a moment and put your hand on your Amazing life pumping heart. With your hand gently placed on your heart, if your willing, say thank you internally for working so diligently to keep you alive. Expressed generosity brings peace and balance. Heck Yeah!

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With Love,
Marshall Byers
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