Prison and professional sports go hand in hand. If there is a sport of any kind on then someone in prison is watching it enthusiastically. Being a fan of a sport is common, following your team is fun, its entertainment. Until its in prison.

Men in prison get depressed after the Superbowl and mood swings occur until September rolls around and they can use all them stats to jeer their buddies. Fights break out over team losses and wins. Staff members use the PA system to comment one way or the other about their team. 

What gets me about sport fans in prison is they can quote you every stat about their team, every win and loss, every trade and how much they make a year, who their wives are and where they went to college and sometimes high school. But if you ask them what they’re doing to improve their lives and not come back to prison its always a half-hearted and annoyed answer of “Insert excuse here.” 

I used to watch football, I was a fan of baseball when I was a teen. Love UFC. But not in here. In prison its an excuse to not have to focus on themselves because they are too busy with the bipolar throes of the game. 

I have to much to change about myself to get into arguments over something I have zero control over. It has no benefit to me if the Seahawks win, nor does it affect me in any way if they lose. If your a fan, be a fan. Watch the game, hell, cheer even (though clapping at a talking box over something you have no control over and the person your clapping and shouting for cannot hear you…why you would do that just boggles my mind), but at least have your priorities straight. Be doing something other than sports network, fantasy football, and pissing off staff by talking crap about their team. 

When something becomes divisive to a nation or culture, its time to at least recognize that division as a divider. When something outside of your control determines your mood or actions, its time to get away from that altogether because not only are you weak mentally, but your dangerous to yourself and others.

Fanatics, you look silly. Stop it, your embarrassing yourself. This, coming from an incarcerated sex offender. I know what bad decisions look like and what it takes to make them. Allowing anything outside of your control to affect your mood is a really, really bad idea. 

Sports are great, fans are better. Fanatics ruin everything. Just like Christianity and Islam. 

With Love