Foster care, CPS, DSHS…all government systems meant to help children in need. All of them failing. 

The real problem is the parents of the child(ren). If they were prepared to be good parents their children wouldn’t fall victim to the hands of superficial agencies. Agencies that claim to protect the innocent yet if you ask most adults who were products of that system you most often have to talk to a felon. Sound like success to you? Hardly. 

The solution is multifaceted but simple. We must start at the beginning of the problem, parenting. Clearly its a subject that needs to be covered in basic education. If they aren’t learning it at home then it needs to be taught in the next line of defense. I don’t mean send them home with crying baby dolls, I mean teach them parenting techniques. Any fool can change a diaper, it takes skill to raise a healthy adult. Skill that you must learn somewhere.

Next, children services needs to change. Right now they focus on getting children safe, which is needed. But the children, once safe, need more than a weekly visit with a trauma counselor. These people forget that handling emotions properly for these children is foreign. It needs to be taught and reinforced. 

Children come into these systems with complex problems but the solutions aren’t as obscure. The brain is a complex system and each one is unique, but there are only a few ways one learns. Because they all do and there is only a few ways to teach a brain. 

The problem is everyone blame shifts to who is right in front of them. The immediate, microwaveable fix for anger. The real enemy is parents who fail their children, not child services. But when Child services becomes a factor, they need to be held accountable to teach what is necessary for the success and well being of the child. Right now they answer to no one. 

With Love
Jeff Utnage