Someone who thought they were close to me made a comment on how surprised they were that I watched UFC given my anti-violent stance. I didn’t really reply to him because he can think whatever in the hell he wants. The truth is, this person is hyper-masculine and has the whole alpha male thing going on, something I despise BTW.

I don’t fear these people, rather, it’s their unpredictability. Their need to defend their dominance. You see, for me, if I get into a fight even to just defend myself, it could cost me my release date and not just by a few weeks. No, it could cost me the rest of my life, one little punch in self-defense. That…I fear.

I put up walls with people like him for a reason. I don’t want them to know me, mainly because the information will only be used to manipulate me into subjection. I serve no man and neither should you.

Subservience and subjection is one of the few things I simply won’t tolerate. How to deal with it is tricky and difficult when standing up for yourself can mean a lifetime in prison, literally.

If people around you are putting up walls and you are constantly surprised by new things about them, perhaps you should consider that the people around you are uncomfortable with you? You should know that it is totally up to you to change that.

Alpha personalities are not always welcome and are rarely necessary. Taking charge and having self-control is NOT “alpha” behavior, it’s called adulthood and should be practiced by everyone. 

With Love