This topic came up when I heard someone comment on transgendered women “tricking” men. They were upset that the transgendered women was “passable” and therefore elicited a sexual attraction from the straight male population. Leaving them feeling tricked.

This woman (because I believe trans women are simply women) wasn’t doing anything but being who she truly was and because a man felt she was attractive, his own emotions mind you, it was her fault. Which is total garbage. Just to be clear, straight men shouldn’t be so judgmental and transwoman should look however they feel best, screw what everyone else thinks.

Now, androgyny is different from transgendered. Its the fluidity of gender features. When you see a man dressing in traditionally women specific clothing or has highly feminine features and you have to ask what gender they are. Of course, there is a broader spectrum of these examples. 

Someone who is androgynously inclined, like myself, has an option to dress in gender specific clothing to clearly identify with one gender or another. So, is it ethical to dress and act how you truly feel best and it just so happens to irritate a few people because they are confused as to how to view you. Or, should they be sexually attracted to you?

This follows the same track as women dressing provocatively. Is it ethical to wear a bikini knowing that men will be turned on at the visibility of skin? Is it ethical to dress in a way that neither men nor women can differentiate immediately if they are allowed to be sexually attracted to you?

Men get upset when a woman shows skin and they get in trouble for being lewd. While the woman just simply wants to feel beautiful. Should a woman have to feel ugly so they don’t “trigger” a mans sexual response? Hardly. Neither should someone who is androgynous have to feel any less beautiful or themselves so that others feel better about their sexuality.

It isn’t just men either. A straight woman could see a model in neutral clothing and with neutral features and feel an attraction towards the presumed male model. While the same ad may attract a straight male who finds the presumed female model equally attractive. 

Why can’t we just agree the model is beautiful instead of feeling tricked?

With Love