It’s amazing how quickly positivity spreads. I have a default pessimism and a habit of wearing a consistent protective resting b***h face (I am in a men’s prison as one of very few women). But that’s what my life coach, Marshall and I have been working on together.

He has taken the time to understand my life in its current state and has the advantage of not having to live it, which enables him to offer information objectively. Something I’ve learned thus far is sometimes the fix for a problem is its opposite. Got a pessimistic attitude, then start verbalizing gratitude for everything.

That’s where we are today. I’ve been thanking water, my heart and lungs, the universe for opportunities to breathe and exist. Now other people are doing it with me, its a topic of conversation among my friends, among which Marshall is one of many. My outlook is reshaping into optimism and its doing so very, very quickly. My RBF, well, that’s another project.

But we’re working on that too. Get yourself a life coach, its worth it.

With Love
Ruth Utnage

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