We all go through days, weeks, or months of confidence busting moments. Times where your questioning your value, skill set, marriage, capabilities, or life in general. Uncertainty in our futures can be a really hectic time.

I have moments where I look at my projects and goals and I wonder what the heck I’m thinking. Take, for example, the nonprofit I want to start. I have a plan, albeit it needs work and a board with some creativity, but it is a good thing. Lately though, I feel really insecure and really have had to question myself.

I have the burden of prison and all its scary little secrets, I have loneliness and depression, anxiety about my past and future, and insecurities. I have become so stressed that I can’t sleep and my body tremors involuntarily where I can’t decide if I need relaxation therapy or a neurological exam. Its still up for discussion.

What do we do in these times? Nobodies ever taught me formally, so here is what I’m doing, it may help you.

I don’t quit, don’t throw in the towel, just walk away for a day or two.

Cut out visual media, don’t get rid of all your TV shows, just the ones past a certain time.

Keep a schedule. No seriously, a routine is a grounding point for a sense of stability when everything else seems chaotic. At least you got your morning coffee and what not.

Don’t allow emotions to make decisions for you. Don’t respond to anything serious without sitting on it for at least a few hours, absolutely nothing.

Lastly, talk to someone, just vent. No need for advice, just vent and let it out.

You got this, give it a few days and the turbulence will subside and you will be able to think clearly again.

Happens to the best of us, love
With Love
Jeff “Jeffebelle”