Processed off the chain bus into a strange looking castle, lead into a prison movie setting like Shaw Shank. Walking into the unit block I felt three tiers of eyes looking down at me. It’s difficult to describe the smell, sounds and visuals, what I can tell you is this……….Standing there, hands clamped around cold hard metal bars, I realized I had been starring over at a dirty medical gurney parked against the wall without blinking or breathing for a long while.

Walking into the chow hall for dinner with all the guys I rode the bus with was intense, like a hurd of water buffalo crossing the Nile River while giant Crocodiles look on. No shit, I took a quick glancing sweep over all the prisoners eating, and noticed every single one of them starring at me! This one guy particularly stuck out, his eye was crudely bandaged, I later found out that someone held him down while another stabbed him in the face.

After dinner the big yard opened for recreation, fifty foot high concrete walls, gun towers with guards carrying some type of gun across their chest looking down on us with great disgust. My shoes felt heavy walking the track, it was extremely intimidating being “fresh meat” every eye on me. Fear and anxiety oozing from my every pour, I remember my socks being wet from all the sweat.

It happened just like everyone said it would. Two skinheaded heavily tattooed men approached me, asked me if I wanted in, and if I didn’t………..well, one can guess what happens to them. Before they walked away one of them said I’ll see ya in the morning out here in the big yard, be ready. Not ten seconds later a fight broke out, before I even turned around to look, gun towers sounded the alarms, and yelling from a bullhorn GET DOWN ON THE GROUND! over and over till we all were laying face down in the dirt.

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