Didn’t sleep a wink that night, to much commotion, no escape from the chatter in the open bar cells, and plugging my ears left me alone with someone I no longer knew. I skipped breakfast and waited in that lifeless cell for big yard to be called, going over all the violent possiblities that will happen out there in ten minutes, five, four, three, two, one.


On 5-5-07 at 0918 hours one assault took place in the big yard near tower eight. Inmate Byers approached inmate Lamp and had a short conversation, then Byers assaulted inmate Lamp by throwing numerous closed fist punches in a very short period of time. This incident is a direct result of white supremacist activitiy that this inmate has willingly elected to become involved in. Byers was found guilty of assault on an inmate and unauthorized STG (security threat group) activity. Video evidence has been reviewed and submitted and clearly supports these charges. This inmate currently poses a threat to others, security, and the orderly operation of this facility.

So, up until this point I had every intention of being a long term violent hate filled inmate. What this above infraction fails to explain is this…….The moment I attacked this inmate I heard someone yell ” NO, NOT HIM “. The inmate I assaulted was the wrong guy, which happened to be the white supremacist gang leader.

In all the commotion, my adrenaline, and the extreme hate for myself and the world, I also heard the tower above screaming………” STOP FIGHTING, OR I WILL SHOOT YOU “. After being tackled, handcuffed and walked off the yard to “The Hole”, the guard’s filled me in on what I just did, and how I would most likely be killed because of it.

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