I became fully aware of the damage and destruction I caused, the pain, disappointment and sadness after seeing my kids for the first time. My god, I can still see them so tiny, walking into the visiting room, searching for their father. I could hardly see them through a flood of tears. Oh, how precious their embrace was, to hug them in my arms again, to smell their hair, to hold their hands in mine, feeling their warm tears stream down my neck. After they left I went back to my cell and fell apart, I cried so heavily I became dehydrated.

Whatever man believes he can do he eventually does. History taught me that people of decision usually achieve all that they go after. The moment I took ownership for my past behaviors and poor choices, followed by admitting my need for help in changing EVERYTHING, and being 100% willing is part of how I became the person I am today…..”The Come Back Kid”.

I spent a great deal of time eleven years ago trying to imagine what my life might look like today……boy, I didn’t even come close! I am the happiest most enthusiastic fun loving thankful, hopeful, inspired, motivated, restored, forgiven, overflowing with compassion, determined to celebrate life person in the world! I’m like a puppy that never stops wagging his tail. Heck Yeah!

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