We have allowed systems to fool us into being our own en slavers. We break ourselves with judgments and shame. We tell ourselves terrible lies. Taking illusion for reality we say we are ugly, no good, or simply not good enough. Not good enough to be loved, to be beautiful, to become better than our worst moment in the past.

The idea that one must forever be nothing more than the worst thing they have ever done serves only those who seek the oppression and exploitation of others.

A system whose narrative propels this type of propaganda is an evil, tyrannical power of enslavement and destructiveness.

In the same kind of system which would perpetuate the victimization of society by crippling the rehabilitative process under the guise of ” Working Together For Safer Communities” in the never ending quest for profit at the expense of others. One whose power is dependent upon the dis empowerment of others.

It is the same system whose foundations are laid upon the bones of the murdered and the enslaved. A system whose flag is colored by the blood flowing out of genocide of an indigenous people and the enslavement of another.

It has exploited the worker, devalued the feminine, and limited us in every way. Deceiving us into becoming the instruments of our own destruction as a result of our acceptance of labels, classifications, and values of a representative system which represents none of us. 

It is time for an inward revolution, an individual revolt. It is time for each of us to tear down the walls which we have erected inside our own selves. Erase the borders we have drawn around that territory over which we are each of us sovereign. The territory of the heart in each of us. When this inner rebellion achieves its inevitable victory, we must let our voices ring out.

What is the value and power of a voice? Please allow me to lace you up.

Voices are souls finding release from borders, self imposed or inflicted. We are voices, clean and pure, finding our closeness with one another.

Unchained and unbound,
Unashamed by difference,
Proud of uniqueness.

Voices are undefined, sexless, and stateless. One cannot color a voice with the limiting gradients of race. 

Tell me, what color is my voice? Does it matter to you?

Voices are beautiful, without scars. They rise above all our pain to find space to breathe, to run free, embracing all the world.

Stars shine for our voices and hearts beat in anticipation of them.
I love your voice.
It is you.