I was watching Ru Pauls Drag Race All Stars 2 and Detox came out wearing his slightly asain-esque one piece ensemble and then he spun around to show his back, the man has a beautiful booty. Its wonderfully shaped and sized and even a straight guy could appreciate it. 

One of the first things I did was comment to myself how feminine it looked. I wonder how straight guys feel about this. Drag queens have been iconic to the gay community for decades and the target of both physical and verbal bashing. Yet, there seems to be a very high demand for them across the world. 

I see the world turning more and more androgynous and I think its a good thing because its forcing the gender lines to be bent and overlooked when it comes to the expression of love and sexuality. 

Most guys think with their sex drive. Especially when they are younger and I think its interesting that they will comment on how attractive a person is so long as they assimilate the female persuasion. Its like their mind gets tricked and there is a fear of that. A fear of being turned on by a man in a dress.

I have to say though, I am a very gay man. I can certainly appreciate the female physique though and I don’t worry about being “turned” straight. Some straight guys are scared to death that somehow their masculinity is being diminished by admitting that another man is attractive. Saying a man looks fabulous in a dress as Julie Andrews and that he’s attractive won’t make them any less straight.

I don’t think androgyny should be feared in any capacity. Women won’t be losing their husbands to tricky queens in the men’s bathroom any more frequently then they are already. Straight guys won’t be gay because they got wood off of a feminine man. After all, its the feminine characteristics that caught their eye in the first place.
So to all our androgynous men and women out there, like me, go ahead and be you without fear. Just know that any judgement coming from others is their own fear and that’s unhealthy. Just strut on. Wear your make up and dresses boys. Women, cut your hair, lift weights wear suits. Be however you feel comfortable because you only live once, enjoy it!
My current dilemma? I need to pick a drag name, ideas?

With Love
Jeff Utnage