You know that feeling when you first get up in the morning and you outstretch your arms, elongate your spine, pop up to your tippie toes, and naturally tilt your head up to the ceiling? A good solid stretch, right? Feels great.

This morning I got my coffee and had one of those stretches where it brought a smile to my face, a perfect way to start the day. But something dawned on me, the best stretches force my hands to outstretch towards heaven and brings a smile to my face. I wonder if God designed us this way, a simple way to begin our mornings after the gift of sleep, a way to commune with Him in a simplistic, but powerful, way.

Some may not know, but I believe in God and, dare I say, a Christian. I despise organized religion no matter what spin you put on it, I think they are all failures and nothing makes me angrier than pastors who get paid off the collection plate while the poor people who gave their 2 mites go home and pray for their next meal. However, I Love God, it’s some of His people I get annoyed with. But God and I, we’re cool.

Next time you have a good stretch and your arms are stretched outwards and your spine feels like its relieving stress and you are on the very tips of your tippie toes, smile and thank God for the simple things He remembered to give us.

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With Love
Jeff aka Ruth Utnage

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